personal reinvention

Who the heck is Lois?

I was on a women’s retreat in Italy. There were ten of us, and four were called Sarah. It was getting complicated.

I could see where it was heading; I’d been saddled with Stumpy Sarah in a previous over-Sarah’d work situation, so I suggested we all choose a temporary name before we got ‘tagged’. The retreat focused on personal growth, and as we were mostly strangers, why not re-invent ourselves?

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Dress agency Norfolk

My new shop: Lois Reloved

My new shop is taking shape. It’s very exciting.

It’s called Lois Reloved, a boutique dress agency for pre-owned ladies’ clothing and accessories. Buying or selling, it’s win-win: You reap cash from clothes you don’t wear, and get to spoil yourself without costing the earth (with the benefit of my professional opinion, if you want it).

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Hand reading Johnny Fincham

Taking my life in my hands…

He said I’m going to drop down dead.

Bam. Just like that.

As we leave the year that claimed a few of my heroes – Prince, Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood, AA Gill, George Michael and my friend Hugh – you’d think I’d be rattled.

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Tamaris brogues

Reasons to love Trainers Gone Posh

May in England; too hot for boots, too cold for sandals. I’m with you in thinking ‘What on earth do I put on my feet?’

I don’t ‘tell’ anyone what to wear. I’m not that kind of stylist. We’ve been around long enough to wear what we like. I guide and suggest, point out your great bits, show you how to dress like ‘you’. It’s up to you if you want to listen…

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PicMonkey Collage

Why I swapped the Caribbean for Cromer

So this is what happened… (you might like to read to the end)

The past year has been a rollercoaster of disastrous events.

Last June my husband was made redundant. Because of a legal wrangle, there was no redundancy pay. It was devastating – what would become of us?

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New accessory: anti travel sickness wristbands..

Feel the fear, get a bucket, and do it anyway…

‘We’re sailing to Cuba on Monday. Why don’t you join us?’ Claire said.

On the outside, I was nodding. Cuba has long been a dream destination.

Then there was this ‘inside woman’, stifling dry-mouthed screams of ‘I can’t swim, I hate water and the last time I went on a boat I spent three hours with my head in a bucket…’

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