Can wearing red change your life?

Can wearing red change your life?

Red seems like a Christmas cliche – think Santa’s coat and a prominent reindeer’s nose.

If you’re thinking of stepping out in it over the next few weeks, be assured that a ‘lady in red’ will turn heads. It’s stimulating, and we’re programmed to notice it – think stop signs, traffic lights, and berries on holly.

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Marrs Green, turquoise, blue-green, worlds favourite colour

Is this the best colour in the World?

As a stylist, I’m often asked ‘Is there a colour that suits everyone?’

On a practical note, it’s important; I’ve seen bridesmaids take on the hue of rotting cod because the bride wanted their dresses to match the cake ribbon, and I often wonder who at The CoOp took one look at screaming lime and thought: ‘Yep, staff with a nuclear glow will make our customers buy more!’

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personal reinvention

Who the heck is Lois?

I was on a women’s retreat in Italy. There were ten of us, and four were called Sarah. It was getting complicated.

I could see where it was heading; I’d been saddled with Stumpy Sarah in a previous over-Sarah’d work situation, so I suggested we all choose a temporary name before we got ‘tagged’. The retreat focused on personal growth, and as we were mostly strangers, why not re-invent ourselves?

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Dress agency Norfolk

My new shop: Lois Reloved

My new shop is taking shape. It’s very exciting.

It’s called Lois Reloved, a boutique dress agency for pre-owned ladies’ clothing and accessories. Buying or selling, it’s win-win: You reap cash from clothes you don’t wear, and get to spoil yourself without costing the earth (with the benefit of my professional opinion, if you want it).

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Shoes Why we are so in love

Shoes: Why we’re so in love

‘Some’ of us have a crush whose name we dare not speak. To admit it might appear, well, shallow.

Mostly we keep schtum. But when spoken, this word seduces, like soft waves lapping a shore. Heck, it even forces a pout as it escapes our lips.

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Hand reading Johnny Fincham

Taking my life in my hands…

He said I’m going to drop down dead.

Bam. Just like that.

As we leave the year that claimed a few of my heroes – Prince, Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood, AA Gill, George Michael and my friend Hugh – you’d think I’d be rattled.

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