sarah morgan

I’m a stylist, writer and occasional painter. For the past 10 years, I’ve styled the ladies of Norfolk, UK, as Sarah Morgan, The Style & Colour Coach. Before that I was a magazine editor, a fashion buyer and the world’s clumsiest waitress.

A few years ago I was cleaning the car when I realised I was absently weeping into my bucket of suds. With no idea why. I had a good life, everything I needed.  Still, there was a fog of disappointment, of vaguely expecting something that never quite happened…

So I decided to be braver, to live differently, with intention, excitement and joy. To become the person I wanted to be (and wear the clothes I wanted to wear). I gave this woman a secret new name: Lois.

Since then I’ve done things I’d never imagined, scared myself witless and met some amazing, positive, clever, funny people, and continue to learn from them. I’ve gone from ‘you’ve made your bed, now lie in it’ to rolling about on a springy mattress of my own daily making.

As a stylist, I encourage clients to dress authentically. Sure, I know all the rules, and generally, work with them, but sometimes it’s more fun to flout them. I am a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator – not as wacky as it sounds – it’s about dressing your essence and intention while honouring your colouring, body shape and personal style. It’s a great addition to the way I work, and my clients love it.

Maybe you are at a point of change, facing a fresh start, or you want to ‘rewrite your story’. Then again, maybe you just want to try a new haircut.

Whichever, do join me on this stylish journey to reinvention.

Because I am still Sarah, but it’s much more fun Being Lois…