Can wearing red change your life?

Can wearing red change your life?

Red seems like a Christmas cliche – think Santa’s coat and a prominent reindeer’s nose.

But if you’re thinking of stepping out in it this festive season, be aware that it might just change your life…

A ‘lady in red’ will turn heads. Red is stimulating, and we’re programmed to notice it – think stop signs, traffic lights, and berries on holly.

It’s the colour of attraction and its positive associations include power, passion and love (I read somewhere that women who wear red on dating sites get more winks, or whatever the terminology is).

But it can also be seen as aggressive and arrogant.

A red tie can make a chap seem forceful – great in business, but I wouldn’t advise it on a first date.

When I’m doing colour consultations, red is the colour most clients say they ‘can’t’ wear.

Once I start holding colour drapes up to their face, and show them their ‘correct’ hue and tone, they see how it CAN suit them.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll feel happy wearing it…

If you’re an attention-loving extrovert, red is your happy place. But if, like me, you’re an introvert, it can feel bling and showy.

I’m a naturally quiet soul, but I put myself ‘out there’ because I provide a service and people need to know me. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have any clients.

fullsizeoutput_13b5Recently, I decided to ‘Be More Lois’ and wore a scarlet dress to a dinner dance, a departure from my usual palette of neutrals and muted tones.

It was as much a social experiment as a fashion choice.

Oh my. Complete strangers spoke to me, invited me to dance and I had a lot of fun. It occurred to me that they assumed that as I was wearing a ‘stand out’ colour, I must be self-assured.

Which in turn, made me feel more confident.

I believe that we should always dress to suit our style ‘essence’, be it creative, natural, fiery, earthy or refined.

If you have a fiery essence, you’ll LOVE red.

But how about this for an idea: Even if your natural demeanour is reserved, if you WEAR a fun, fiery colour, you will take on the attributes of a fun, fiery person and you’ll start to FEEL more exciting, visible and ‘out there’.

It’s a form of faking it until you become it.


Wearing red will send out the message that you’re ready to be noticed – ambitious, enthusiastic, and passionate.

And what we put out, often comes back.

So this Christmas, if you decide to wrap up in red, note how you feel – and if people react differently towards you.

You might decide you can’t handle the attention.

But then again, who knows where it might lead…

Sarah Morgan is a personal stylist and owner of Lois Reloved boutique dress agency.

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