Is This The Best Colour In The World?

As a stylist, I’m often asked ‘Is there a colour that suits everyone?’ Usually by brides and those choosing staff uniforms.

On a practical note, it’s important; I’ve seen bridesmaids take on the hue of decomposing cod because the bride wanted their dresses to match the cake ribbon (it was pale lilac – looked grim on all of them).

Some colours give the wearer a nuclear glow – orange is tricky when worn by those with cool skin tones and lime will make them look ‘bilious’.

There are a handful of colours that are universally flattering, and the good news is, one’s about to get trendy.

And without getting la-la, I think it’s a colour the world truly needs.

It’s a colour that speaks of serenity and the certainty of nature’s cycles. Safe, expansive and calm. Healers use it to balance emotions, and in Feng Shui, it’s aligned with the creative flow.

It’s reminiscent of warm seas, shady foliage and glossy feathers. It works for holidays, interviews, weddings, and popping to Tesco.

And this season it’s cool as.

And this super-colour is…

Well, it’s blue-green, a myriad of hues spanning turquoise, teal, duck egg and aqua.

In 2017 one particular shade, Marrs Green was voted the worlds’ favourite colour based on a survey of 30,000 across 100 countries worldwide by Hull paper company  GF Smith. People taking part were asked to choose their favourite hue from a range of public suggestions.

Marrs Green was picked based on the results of an online survey conducted by the paper company

It was suggested by Dundee woman Annie Marrs and named in her honour. She said: “The colour was inspired by the landscape that surrounds me at home in Scotland and that deep green hue with a tinge of blue has always been a favourite of mine”.

In fashion terms, turquoise and teal plug that seasonal hiatus – deep enough to be autumnal, light enough to keep summer alive.

It’s created by mixing warm and cool colours, so flatters most skin, eye and hair tones.

  • If your eyes are blue or green, it’ll make them sparkle.
  • If your hair is auburn, it’ll bring out warm highlights.
  • Dark brunettes and those with almost black hair will dazzle in bright turquoise.
  • Warm brunettes and redheads will suit teal and peacocks.
  • Golden blondes glow in aqua.
  • Cool blondes smoulder in soft teal and duck egg.
  • If you’re grey, clearer shades work best.

Can wearing turquoise change our lives?

Well, what we wear sends out a message.

And what we send out, we get back in spades.

Colour specialist Mark Wentworth at Colour For Life travels the world exposing the power of colour. He said “Marrs Green is an emotional balancer, it brings equilibrium to the whole self. It’s a colour to use if you are feeling emotionally bruised.

“It regenerates and gives a sense of no matter how bad things seem now, there is hope and things will change.”

Stylist Linda Rodin is often photographed on her sea-green sofa
Linda Rodin on her sea-green sofa

On a practical note, teal, duck egg, aqua and turquoise are unlikely to upset anyone or incur prejudice, unlike red or orange, which can be seen as angry, flirtatious or cheap.

Therefore blue-greens may be good interview colours, or when you need to exude calm and diplomacy.

It’s a colour embraced by world-renowned stylist Linda Rodin (one of my Girl Crushes) whose sea-green sofa features largely in her Instagram feed and has spawned many copies.

So if you want to add some serenity, clarity and creativity to your life, embrace green-blue.

It may just change your world…

Until next time,

Sarah, Being Lois x


Sarah Morgan is a personal colour consultant and stylist and owns Lois Reloved boutique dress agency near Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

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