How A Yellow Scarf Got Me Back From Greige

I’ve been away. Not geographically this time, just somewhere…else.

Actually, I’ve mainly been up a ladder, painting. I can highly recommend this for clearing headspace; weeks of emulsioning has helped me ‘regroup’ after a pretty tumultuous year.

We returned to England early summer, then set about selling our house. You can read more here – ‘I decluttered so much stuff, we got rid of the house too.’

Over this time something odd happened; I didn’t want to go out or see anyone. I wasn’t unhappy, I just wanted to ‘pause’, stop everything and clear space for whatever came next…

When we moved, the new house was Magnolia in every room, the overall effect is ‘Pale Elastoplast’.

So I painted the whole place from top to bottom,  literally ‘whiting it out’.

A clean canvas for the next stage of this midlife reinvention.

Something else happened: All colour disappeared from my wardrobe. My clothes were shades of taupe, blush and grey, a tonally neutral palette which can be summed up by the word ‘greige’.

I’m pretty sure I turned to these calm, understated colours to get my head in order.

What, no colour at all?

Nope. The bright colours I’d worn the previous winter in the Caribbean felt cheap and screamy. A red dress I’d particularly loved made me wince.

I was happy in my ‘disappeared’ palette of greige.

Fast-forward to this week.

I was about to leave the house for a shopping trip with a client. I was wearing charcoal, a favourite winter neutral.

One last mirror check and something clicked. I needed colour.

I rummaged in my scarf drawer and found an acid yellow jobby from Accessorize (‘scuse the dodgy photo, it was taken in a fitting room mirror.)

It couldn’t be any brighter, but it felt right, and there was no missing me wearing it.

I had a fantastic day’s shopping with my client. My scarf got me noticed and I had several compliments from complete strangers.

The yellow felt positive, not screamy. Passionate, not cheap. 

It brought home that what feels wrong one day, or hour, or season, may be right for the next.

Our tastes and feelings change. This summer I wanted calm and order, and greige served me well. Bright colours would have felt scratchy.

There is no doubt that what we put out there is how we’ll be perceived, at least initially. And what we choose to wear is a big part of that. We can choose to be ignored, or stand out, or appear creative, or chic, or homely, or fun – or any darn thing we like.

How we choose to appear will affect how others respond to us.

In other words, we can dress for what we want to attract. 

The day I wore the acid yellow scarf I was ready to be noticed, to get the passion back, and it definitely worked.

So what’s YOUR intention? How do YOU want to be seen? Are there changes YOU want to make in your life? What do YOU want to attract?

Once you’ve decided, turn to your wardrobe and make it happen…

Want to know how? Contact me here or call 07919 608692.

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